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CryptoKnight built the markets smartest
signalling bot.

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CryptoKnight was founded by bringing together our top data scientists, traders, developers, and creators to give our community the tools to trade with confidence and ease. 

Remove the emotion from
Stop panic selling, and rely on the algorithmic analysis. The
CryptoKnight signal bot will help you trade like a professional.
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Always know what the markets
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Staying informed about every market change is exhausting. With the CryptoKnight bot, you get alerts about what's important to you when it matters most.

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Trusted by traders

I had the chance to Alpha test the bot and was able to verify my trades against it. It greatly increased my wins and gave me increased confidence in making my own trades while decreasing my FOMO. I would not only recommend this to anyone wanting to get into trading, but my friends and family as well.


Crypto Trader of 3 Years
I have tried many bots but this bot was the best, it has helped me a lot in trading and in general! Highly recommendable!


Crypto Trader of 2 Years
I love using the bot because it helped me get the tops and bottoms of small runs, maximizing my short or long positions.


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