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Take the emotion out of trading. Our signal bot is backed by the strongest, consistently evolving algorithms in the game, and are constantly being put through stress tests.

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The CryptoKnight Signals bot is currently in open Beta. We are only opening this up for a limited time, so join us today and start seeing the signals everyone wants!

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What our community has to say

I love premium for the access to the vault of information provided. JoshuaJake goes above and beyond to spend time researching for us and giving us valuable macro information to base our decisions off of. He is always looking for ways to get passive income on our cryptos it has been a game-changer. CryptoWeatherMan has also taught me to control my emotions when looking at trades and is good at being a realist instead of just giving us false hope about the state of the market. Even in a downtrend, the team has been beyond useful and I couldn't think of a better place to be to get a better hold on the world of crypto.


CryptoKnights is by far the best investment I’ve made since investing in crypto. At $25 a month, you can’t beat the value. From weekly classrooms that keep you up to date on the on-chain analytics of the market, to swing trades from CryptoWeatherMan, the value of this discord far exceeds what you pay. The admins are more accessible than any other community I’ve seen, 10/10


Love love love Cryptoknights! The research provided is awesome and very thorough. The team is consistently picking out great gems and analyzing market sentiment. The fact that we get portfolio updates and multiple perspectives are amazing!


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